Rock or Suck? Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Rock or Suck?  Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

 The  outdoor wedding ceremony  is not for me as I am partial to the feel of air conditioning on my skin, I   can’t stand flies and my mother would kill me if I don’t have a proper church ceremony complete with the entire pastorate and her women’s group.

 However, my personal preference and inclination does not in any way detract from the fact that outdoor weddings can be wonderful especially if properly planned. The outdoors can be anywhere ranging from a backyard garden, a green field, to a beach. While having your wedding ceremony outdoors has its pros, it definitely has it cons.

-       Venue may be free or considerably less expensive than renting a hall.

-       Lesser money is spent on décor.

-       It may also lend a more romantic/intimate feel to the ceremony since you will have bigger room to explore and play around with.

-       It may help to trim the guest number or increase it ( which ever works for you)

It is also very important to consider some factors below before making a final decision on having an outdoor wedding ceremony.

 Gloomy Vs. Shiny skies: One would think the weather goes without saying but in a whirlwind of planning it may be overlooked. Planning your outdoor wedding between the months of March and July is very tricky as this is the peak of rainy season.  You want to be able to relax and enjoy your day and not worry about you and your guests having to wade through the mud while dancing or going to your seats. On the other hand is the hot scorching sun that comes with the dry season. Fixing your wedding for late afternoon when it should be (hopefully) cooler may be your best bet.

 Décor: Having an outdoor wedding may help u save on décor as nature would always be there to cover for you. Like if it’s in a garden or a lovely park but remember these venues may not come with chairs and tables  and some other perks that usually come with the indoor settings, so while you may save money on décor, you would have to spend on transportation and setting up of your desired seating arrangement.

 Comfort of your guests: They have come all dressed up from their various locations to support you on your big day. Now it won’t be fair for them to come all the way and not be able to follow the ceremony due to windy conditions or having no decent place to relieve themselves if need be. Some people may also not take it lightly with you for exposing them to the elements.

 Distance to reception venue: This is an important factor in any wedding whether outdoor or not. Unless you really want an intimate wedding ceremony should you pick a venue that is more than hour away from your reception venue, many guests may just opt for going straight to the reception.

You may choose to have both the wedding ceremony and reception outdoors .If you do, please consider renting a tent as this offers some protection against the weather plus you would have more peace of mind. You still have to make plans for décor, electricity, security and parking attendants.

All this being said and done, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Happy planning.


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