War Of Fabrics: Aso Oke vs Damask

War Of Fabrics: Aso Oke vs Damask

 There are so many excess in Nigerian weddings these days; some of them are necessary evils while some are just for the sake of showing off. I presently need to pick an attire for my traditional wedding and it has been giving me a lot of headaches.

 One half of the family involved wants damask while the other half says aso oke beats all other fabrics available. Left to my husband and I it doesn’t really matter and I just want to look right in my gele. Now, I am caught up between using aso-oke or damask?

Do families usually go through all these issues in wedding? Cos these folks around me don’t even want to give me space to think or even care to ask me what I want .. so well for the fairy tale wedding.

What rocks it for you? Aso Oke or Damask?

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