21st Century Wife

21st Century Wife

In the past 12 to 18 months, I have been ‘privileged’ to stay TEMPORARILY with newly-weds, young couples who have different interesting ways of co-habiting. They make me 'wanna'  get married already. More interesting is that I attended virtually all of these weddings where we listen to different advices and marriage-related stories especially from our ‘mothers’. I’d say perhaps because they are from several centuries ago, things including their marriages worked differently.

 They had to be 1001% submissive to their husbands and their ‘in-laws’ – not excluding the youngest that you could bear.  They had to meet none but all of the standards of a good wife (in whose opinion?) which ranged from being an amazing cook (stir the life out of that amala or actually ‘pound’ yam), to being able to wash every piece of clothing that her husband possessed (agbada inclusive). She must be able to sweep an entire island that probably represented their house. She must be able to ‘bang’ her knees on the floor all in the name of greeting among so many other things which qualified her as a ‘good wife’.

Now, it’s amazing how many of these things have changed. Though, I still seen some women ‘actually pound yam’ for the family in 2012, many of these young wives (and our mothers even) have simply gone with the substitute (God bless the makers of OLA-OLA). Rarely do I also see the y-generation wife wash clothes, there is either my ‘Amisu-type’, that some of you call the laundry man, or they simply make use of the washing machine.

I mean, the world’s interestingly changing. It was amazing to see one of my married brothers make pancakes for the family while we, the women, sat gisting. I was also moved to see the other do ‘their’ laundry. “Whatever happened to the stories the older women tell us”, I thought.

And then I concluded, with the presence of technology and constant innovations, the 21st century wife has been ‘discharged’ of so many extraneous activities previously referred to as qualities of a good wife. I think now, it’d be out-of-place to subject women to the traditional, conventional ways of doing things all in the name of upholding ‘values’.  

I didn’t quite believe LG. I’m older now and I see that ‘Life is really good’.  Life isn’t just good now; I think it’s also come quite easy. Some things have become so basic that not having them brings about discomfort to the home.

I see, men enjoy OLA-OLA as substitute for ‘pounded yam’ as long as she can make it as ‘soft’ (or hard) as they like it. If sandwiches are what she can ‘quickly’ make for breakfast, with cereal maybe, they TAKE IT! If Le wifey suggests a ‘treat’ to ‘4 points’ for dinner, Le Boo TAKES IT! If PANCAKE and fruit mix is what she decides, sweethearts TAKE IT! With LOVE! After all, this thing is a ‘FOR BETTER FOR WORSE’ sometin! :D

Disclaimer: These are only observations I thought to write about and not necessarily where I stand o. 

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